Sunday, 8 April 2012

What goes up must come down... right?

Happy Easter!!

Todays Workout:
  • 21.5 mile cycle
  • 3 mile run
I managed to talk Arran into coming on a cycle ride with me.  I planned out a route which was 13 miles on nice quiet country roads.  Arran didn’t want to go too far, and I don’t want to push too far too soon on my new bike as I’m still getting used to it.  So we set off and the first hill we came to I powered on up without changing down the gear and managed to stay seated.  I was so proud of myself and was also slightly surprised as to how my fitness and ability to tackle the hill has improved in such a short space of time. 

We carried on through some nice rolling countryside, nothing too challenging (and I even managed not to fall off at the junctions we went through (although I did clip out of my pedals about 5 minutes before I actually needed to just to be safe).  

We stopped to say hello to some very friendly horses in a field before continuing on.  

Somehow, and I still don’t know how, we missed the turning we were supposed to take and ended up in Dorset!  We kept going and eventually found our way home via the most killer hills I have ever seen.  All we did was cycle up never ending hills.  I kept thinking to myself what goes up must come down at some point... wrong!  Round every corner was yet another hill.  The final killer hill proved to be too much.  Despite being in the lowest gear and up out of the saddle, I was grinding to a holt and my lungs were on fire.  In the end I conceded defeat and walked the remainder of the hill.  Luckily from there it was a gentle roll home.  So, our short leisurely bike ride ended up being 21.5 miles.

Unfortunately due to our unplanned detour our friend we had arranged to see today turned up at our house before we were home and ended up having to wait in our garden for 40 minutes until we finally made it home (thankfully the rain held off). 

We then headed out to the pub for lunch and a well deserved pint.  I had a jacket potato with quorn chilli and salad.

Mmmmmmm... Beer!

After a little sit down at home, I dragged myself out for my 3 mile run.  I definitely would not recommend running after having drunk a pint of lager!!  Despite feeling knackered and my legs like lead, the run wasn’t too bad.  I felt like I was going slower than snails pace but was surprised that I managed it in just over 32 minutes. 

To further reward myself for all my efforts today, a yummy malteser bunny washed down with... you guessed it, more lager!!          

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