Saturday, 21 April 2012

Food Glorious Food

Today’s Workout:
  • Weight training – legs, chest, shoulders, abs
  • Run – 4.2 miles       40min 6 sec        Avg Pace 9:36mm

Last night we were invited round for dinner by our friends’ Stu and Hannah’s house.  I was so excited as Hannah is the most amazing cook I know so I knew we’d be in for a veritable feast... and I wasn’t disappointed!!

For starters we had prawns wrapped in bacon in a honey and spice glaze.  It was a taste sensation!  I had never thought to wrap prawns in bacon before... now I don’t know why I waited so long to try it!  Unfortunately, because I am such a pig, I inhaled my starter before I had a chance to take a pic. 

This was then followed by slow roasted pork with all the trimmings.    
The pork was so tender Hannah didn't need a knife a carve it - just two forks to scoop up the meat!

The pork was soooo tender it literally fell off the bone and melted in the mouth.  We also had my absolute favourite dish... cauliflower cheese YUM YUM!   And yes, that was my plate, and yes, I finished every single scrap of food (don’t judge me).  The button on my jeans was undone at this point!      

The piece de résistance was a raspberry cheesecake brownie.  Thats right, you heard correctly, not just a cheesecake and not just a brownie but raspberry cheesecake with a thick chocolate brownie base.  What more could a girl want (except elastic waist trousers at this point).  It was a heart attack on a plate, but that did not stop me having a healthy portion!  

By the time I finished, I was so full it actually hurt to breathe in.  I never did learn when to stop. 
All of this was of course washed down with a few pints of beer and a great night was had by all.      

I woke up this morning still full from the night before that I couldn’t face breakfast and my stomach was so bloated I looked 5 months pregnant!  Still, I donned my workout gear and me and Arran headed to the gym to pump some iron.  Had a great session and worked my shoulders and abs really hard, have a feeling I am not going to be able to move my arms tomorrow. 

I had a chat to the guy who owns my gym, he agreed to give me some help to develop a sport-specific weight training programme that will specifically target the muscles used in swimming, cycling and running.  I am very conscious that I need to make the most of my time at the gym as I can only attend for 2 sessions a week and want to get that absolute most out of each session.  I also stressed the importance of developing my core as at the moment my core is about as effective as a wet fish and I know that all three disciplines will benefit greatly if I can strengthen it.  On a side note, I might also actually be able to get rid of my Buddha belly... it’s a win win!!       

After a well deserved afternoon nap, I really struggled to find the motivation to drag myself off the sofa to go out for a run.  However, after much procrastinating, I finally convinced myself that I would just have a jog around the block and if I felt like doing my full run I could carry on.  It worked and I completed my 4.2 mile route and felt even better when I got home in the knowledge it was done and dusted.  It was a comfortable run but yet again I ended up running faster than planned.  I am going to have to be really strict with pace as my runs get longer. 

I am most excited to watch the London Marathon before I head off to work tomorrow.  I have watched it every year since I was a child and I know it will fuel my motivation to reach this year’s marathon goals.  

Good luck to all running tomorrow

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