Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Back on Track

I started out this week with the best of intentions, but they quickly evaporated as work (and sleep) got in the way. 

I am nearly at the end of my 10 day stretch of shifts at work, but I ended up having to work a double shift yesterday so missed my planned run and badminton club.  This morning I slept right through the alarm and Arran leaving for work and only woke up when the phone went at 11:30am!!  What a lazy bones!  So needless to say with only an hour before I have to leave for work, training is once again off the agenda for today. 

So, as of tomorrow I am back on it... no excuses.  So here’s the plan:

Planned Workouts:

  • Easy Run – 4 miles
  • Weight Training – legs, back, biceps, triceps, abs

  • Swimming – 30-45 minutes
  • Easy Run – 4 miles
  • Cycle – 30 – 45 minutes

  • Weight Training – legs, shoulders, chest, abs
  • Cycle – 60 minutes
  • Swimming Lesson – 1 hour

  • Easy Run – 5 miles

  • Easy Run – 3 miles

In case you’re wondering... we are in the Malvern’s for the weekend so just a couple of short runs have been planned for while we’re away (I’m not slacking off I promise)!  I’m sure we will end up doing lots of walking (with plenty of pub stops ha ha).   

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