Friday, 27 April 2012

Scared of my bike...?

Today’s Workout:
  • Cycling – 30 minutes     6.05 miles/11.6mph
  • Swimming Lesson – 1 hour

Weigh in – 27/04/12 

First things first, lets get the dreaded weigh in confessions out of the way... I stayed the same 9st 0.5lbs.  Ahh the 8’s so close... yet so far!    

I did not lose anything (I even weighed again after going to the loo, taking off jewellery etc, but sadly it made no difference).  I shouldn’t really be surprised as I haven’t exactly been an angel with my diet this week.  At least I didn’t gain.  With having to work an unplanned double shift this week I didn’t take enough food to work with me so my colleagues very kindly donated food to my cause... this included a pasty, crisps, chocolate and bread for toasting with real butter.  There have also been lots of chocolates in the staff room at work which I seem to be incapable of walking past without tasting... just to check they haven’t gone off of course!!   Lesson learnt – must try harder! 

Anyway, I think I am scared of my bike.  I realise how completely insane that sounds but it seems to be true.  I could sit and look at my bike for an age – tis rather sexy (okay, that might be even weirder) but the thought of actually climbing aboard to ride it gives me butterflies in my stomach and makes me feel generally anxious.  I think this has to do with the fear of riding on busy roads and falling off. 

My very sexy bike (even if I do say so myself)

I am new to clipless pedals and consequently have fallen off three times already (each time I have been stationary) and while none of these falls bothered me at the time, I think they have contributed to my anxiety.  I try and stick to quieter roads on my rides and always avoid busy times.  I get really nervous when approach a junction and usually clip out way, way before I need to.  I also haven’t been brave enough to cycle on a roundabout yet either.  I swing onto the pavement and cross as a pedestrian.

I really had to force myself to go out this morning... I was finding every excuse under the sun not to go out because I was scared.  In the end, I managed to convince myself to go out for just 30 minutes and it worked as I was home before I knew it and all went well and without incident (although I still didn’t ride the roundabouts!).  I really enjoyed it once I got going, although I am worried about how slow I cycle... at this rate between my cycling and swimming I will be finishing my triathlon after everyone else has gone home!!  I hope that it is just a case of the more I go out the faster and stronger I will become.    

I think I need to continue to force myself out on the roads to build up my confidence and my road handling skills in order to conquer this fear.            

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