Monday, 16 April 2012

A Love affair with my sofa

This Weekends Workouts:

  • Rest Day
  • Run - 4.2 miles in 39min 44sec
  • Easy Run - 3.2 miles in 33min 04sec
  • Badminton Club - 2 hours

I might well be the laziest girl on the planet!  I had planned to cycle and do some weight training at  the gym on Saturday, but after a rare lie-in the call of the sofa proved too alluring.  This is down to Arran’s new obsession (and quickly becoming mine too) – the series Mad Men.  We recently bought the first few seasons on DVD and have become absolutely hooked.  If you haven’t seen it you are missing out... it’s fantastic.  It is an American drama set in the 1960’s at an advertising agency.  I am only part way through season two but cannot wait to find out what happens! 
John Hamm is my new crush!    

Just to make me feel slightly less guilty, we did have a 30 minute walk to the shops, although it’s not quite the same as a 60-90 minute bike ride.  Note to self; must try harder.  Anyhoo, I have decided not to dwell on it, just draw a line under it and move on.  I have made the decision not to make up my missed cycle ride or weights session as I have really crappy shifts for the next two weeks and I think I would just be constantly trying to chase my tail. 

Sunday’s 4 mile run was great!  It was one of those amazing runs that only happens occasionally where you feel great, nothing hurts or aches or feel hard.  You just run, breathing in the fresh air and marvel at your body’s ability to propel you so effortlessly along the ground.  I felt smooth, I felt light, almost like I was just skimming along the top of the pavement.  I felt like I could go on for ever!
Although I was wearing my garmin, I didn’t look at it once.  I felt so good I decided to just run.  It was supposed to be a slow easy run but I ended up running much faster than usual – but it felt good.  I managed 4.2 miles in 39min 44sec and the last mile was at 8:49mm.  I am very proud of that as it is much quicker than my usual 10:30-11mm. 

Back on track with my diet as of today, I would love to lose 1.5lbs this week to take me to 9st exactly, but it is a big ask.  I had the most delicious salmon salad for dinner with some new potatoes and egg. 

I have decided to try and have the biggest meal of the day with the most carbs at lunchtimes where possible and have salads for dinner this week. 

Today’s run was an easy 3.2 miles.  Although it was not a bad run I missed the feeling of light effortlessness of yesterday – I felt more like an elephant trundling along the path!! 

The rest of my day is filled with housework... yep... that really is the extent of excitement in my life on my days off ha ha!!  I have badminton club tonight so that will be two hours of running around like a mad woman (I’m really not very good – but I love it).  Back to work tomorrow for a run of nine days on without a break L (Lots of self pity going on here). 

When was your last great run and how did you feel?
Do you think you can ‘create’ a great run or does it just happen?

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