Thursday, 19 April 2012

Even the best laid plans...

Well, my run of 9 shifts in a row have become 10 and have been juggled around!!  I am seriously starting to wonder who I have upset (in this life or the last). 
As a result I have had to rethink my training schedule for the next few days – this is playing havoc with the control freak in me!  This means no rest day but on the plus side I now get to attend my swimming lesson tomorrow YAY!

This weeks workouts:

  • Run – 4 miles

  • Strength Training – legs, back, biceps, triceps and abs

  • Run – 3 miles
  • Swimming Lesson

 My run on Wednesday was HARD!  I had to work for every single step and battled with myself the whole way round not to turn around and go home.  The worst bit was the wind.  It didn’t matter which direction I was running in it was always into the wind... how does that even work?  The good thing about a hard run is how great you feel afterwards to know you completed it and didn't give in to that little devil sat on your shoulder telling you to stop.     

I have been positively angelic with my diet this week and have stuck to my plan of eating a bigger meal at lunchtimes and salad for dinner.  It seems to be working well, as I found myself less hungry during the day and haven’t had that 3-4pm slump!  I had a sneaky peak on the scales this morning (I just couldn’t help myself) and I seem to have lost 1.5lbs so fingers crossed for the official number tomorrow! 

Here is an example of my daily diet this week:

Porridge with honey and pumpkin seeds

Mid-Morning Snack:
Banana, pear and a protein shake

Quinoa with grilled chicken and green veg

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
3 x oat cakes and handful of almonds

Salmon salad
Strawberries and low fat yoghurt

Oh my goodness – when you write it down it looks like a shed load of food... no wonder I haven’t been hungry ha!!    

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