Friday, 20 April 2012

Weigh In - April 20th

Drum roll please...... I lost 1lb, which takes me to 9st 0.5lb.  
I am pleased (although it is slightly infuriating to be so close to 9st exactly!).  A healthy weight loss is 0.5-2lbs a week so this is what I am aiming for, and I know from previous experience that the less weight I have to lose the slower it comes off. 

Fingers crossed for another 1lb next week and I will be back in the 8’s (where I belong ha).  I have noticed a difference in my body shape the last few weeks and I definitely have a less bloated belly (although it still sticks out no matter what I do), and I have less back fat – weird, I know but I tend to put on weight fairly evenly all over and I was suffering from rather unattractive back boob... you know what I mean! 

Anyway, I seem to be on the right track and feel loads better for eating healthily.  The weight and fat will shift with time and as my training progresses I’m sure my body shape will change too. 

Today’s Workout:
  • Run – 3.2 miles         33 minutes
  • Swimming Lesson   1 hour

I was up earlier than a sparrows fart this morning and out the door for my run at 04:30 so naturally I am feeling very smug with myself!  It has been a while since I ran that early and it was lovely.  No people, no traffic so no having to stop to cross the road.  The weather was dry and mild and made for perfect running conditions. 

The best part was I was able to run right down the middle of the road.  I love to do this as it avoids the camber on the road and the uneven, potholed surfaces that line every pavement in this town (or so it seems) and, of course, it makes me feel bad ass, like I'm in a zombie movie or something! 

So, I had another great run – I felt like I was flying round my route, so much so I started having delusions about how running as fast as I was felt so easy and natural and how I could probably turn pro if I wanted and easily compete against the like of Paula Radcliffe and Liz Yelling... pwah, yeah right.  My dreams were shattered when I got home and checked my Garmin only to find I only averaged 10:24mm - WTF.  Gutted!  On the plus side, it was a good run which felt easy and no niggles in my calves. 

Despite arranging to finish work 15 minutes early in order to attend my swimming lesson but as usual, I ended up finishing late.  Why is it that things always kick off just before your due to go home. 
Anyway, I finally made it to my swimming lesson and only missed 10 minutes.  We did 20 minutes of various front crawl drills then the rest of the session was back stroke and breast stroke.  Now, no matter how hard I try, I cannot breast stroke.  It is too many limbs moving in different directions at different times.  I cannot match my breathing to my stroke either and end up just flailing around in the same spot not moving forwards (or backwards for that matter), it’s actually rather embarrassing.  I just console myself with the fact that it is front crawl I need to master and not breast stroke.    

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