Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Like a fish in water

Today's Workout:
  • Swimming - 28 lengths     30 minutes
  • Stationary Bike                    30 minutes

I got up at 5am all set to go out on the bike before hitting the pool, but when I looked out the window and saw the torrential rain and gusting winds I rapidly changed my mind!!  Now, I love running in the rain, but cycling is a whole other story... I am always terrified my bike is going to slide around on the road and I always end up covered from head to toe in mud (I look like Arnie in that scene from Predator where he emerges from the swamp).  

So I chickened out and decided to head for the stationary bike after my swim.  The only problem is that the only bikes my gym has are those recliner ones which isn’t ideal as I never feel like I’m working the same muscles (may all be in my head).  Still, I figure it must be better than nothing.  So I did 30 minutes on a hill climb programme and tried to use it as an interval session where I used the recovery to spin my legs at a high rpm on the lowest resistance and powered up the hills trying to keep above 90rpm. 

The good thing to come out of this horrible weather is that it looks like I may be getting a turbo trainer as an early birthday present from the best husband in the world... YAY!

My swimming session was AWESOME!!  Never thought I would say that about swimming but I guess as with running, you get good days and bad days.  I managed 28 lengths in about 30 minutes which is my furthest distance to date.  I felt good and for the first time seemed to get into a rhythm which I could maintain.  Even better, I managed to swim 4 lengths continuously then stopped for 6-8 breaths and did another 4 lengths and so on.  I only managed breathing on one side which felt more comfortable that the bilateral breathing I have been doing and I’m sure that is what enabled me to go for longer without getting out of breath.  Not sure whether this is beneficial in the long term or if I should persevere with the bilateral breathing – I will have to check with my swimming teacher. 

This session has really given me confidence that I will be able to manage my triathlons by the time they come around (I was starting to have serious doubts that I would ever be able to complete the swim sections).  I may not be fast but I’ll get there!

Workouts for this week:

  • Run – 4 miles
  • Resistance training – legs, back, triceps, biceps, abs

  • Run – 3 miles
  • Swimming – 30-45 minutes

  • Rest Day

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