Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Turbo Trainer

My turbo trainer finally arrived late yesterday (thank you to my wonderful husband).  

I deliberated long and hard about which turbo trainer to get and read reviews until I couldn’t see straight.  In the end, finances won out and I opted for the Elite Crono Fluid ElastoGel Trainer as it had good reviews and seemed to be one of the best in the cheap price bracket. 

It came fully assembled so it was just a case of fitting my bike onto it (sadly, even this proved too technical for me so I had to wait for Arran to get home to set it up for me).  It actually turned out to be really simple once I saw how it was supposed to work.  I also invested in a front riser to give me some added stability – although apparently a yellow pages will do the job. 

I hopped on for a couple of minutes to test it out. 
Obviously, this is how I always dress for cycle training – skinny jeans and knee-high boots J  
Who says you can’t look good whilst training! 

Although the real test will come when I attempt a proper training session on it, I was very impressed during my brief trial.  It feels very sturdy with no movement and it is quieter than I was expecting so I will have no problem hearing the TV haha!  It is actually very easy to set up and folds flat for easy storage or if transporting.     

I am planning a 30-45 minute session on it tomorrow.  I have downloaded some spinning podcasts so may give one a go tomorrow.  All I need now is a bike computer to track my stats... maybe some extra sucking up to Arran is in order!!  

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