Thursday, 24 May 2012

Domestic Goddess - swims, cycles & run!

I got up nice and early this morning and headed out for a short, easy cycle just before 6am.  It was wonderfully quiet on the roads, so much so I even dared to brave riding around the roundabouts... check me out!!  I am still averaging only 12.5mph but am still hopeful this will improve with practice. 

Once home, I jumped in the shower then headed for the pool.  I am so pleased as I managed 66 lengths – 4 x 250m, 1 x 350m, and 1 x 300m with 1-2 minutes rest between each set.  I actually felt reasonably comfortable and didn’t feel like I was about to cough up a lung... that is progress right there!!  Towards the end of the session my form started to suffer as I got tired and I got cramp in my hand from the effort of pulling myself through the water.  I may not be fast but at least I didn’t drown.  I find the progress I have made in the last couple of months is quite incredible considering I couldn’t even swim for 1 length at the start. 

I was starving by the time I finished my swim so after a quick stop at the supermarket, I headed home for a big bowl of porridge to refuel before I headed out for a run. 

I have had to shuffle my training sessions slightly to accommodate a party on Saturday night followed by the inevitable hangover on Sunday!  Therefore I decided to do my longer run today.  I headed out about 11:30 and was very glad that the weather was still quite overcast, although it was very muggy.  I ran 7 easy miles and actually managed to keep a relatively even pace... sort of.  I averaged 10:05mm which was right on target (10-10:30mm).  Mile 4 was slower as it was predominantly uphill, and mile 7 was faster and predominately downhill.  The run felt good, I wasn’t out of breath and definitely could have kept going longer at the end.  I was soooo hot by the end, I had sweated at least half of body weight out... so much so that even my shorts were saturated.  Unfortunately, this caused me to look like I had wet myself... not attractive and slightly embarrassing – it looked like I’d pulled a Paula Radcliffe!  This is why I normally only wear black... covers a multitude of sins! 
When nature calls...

I am still planning on doing my tempo run tomorrow morning and so want to be fully recovered so when I -got home I dutifully stretched and iced and later hopped on the foam roller.

The rest of the day was spent being domestic goddess extraordinaire... the kind of wifey my husband can normally only dream of!!  Every inch of my house has been scrubbed, wiped and mopped and tidied.  As a result of my hard work I am fairly sure my lungs are going to stop working shortly after inhaling all the furniture polish, cleaning products and room spray I have bandied about the place all day and my skin will probably fall off as I am pretty much covered in bleach from head to toe – I always knew housework was bad for you!! 

To reward myself for all my hard work today, we headed to the pub for dinner.  I chose a very sensible (but delicious) salmon nicoise salad then washed it down with some icy cold beers in the beer garden – this is what summer days are made for!  

mmmmm... beer

Tasty salad

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