Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fun & Frolics in Frome

I had a great weekend and thoroughly made the most of the sunshine (well, it would have been rude not to as goodness only knows when it will show its face again).  There was a distinct lack of running (or any exercise for that matter) and I stuffed my face on BBQ food like it was going out of fashion.  

Saturday morning started off with a very, very sweaty trip to the gym

Check out 'The Vein' on my forehead.  Testament to how hard I worked!

Had to put this one in as I love the saying above the reception... So true my friends

We pottered around for the rest of the morning, and actually got to enjoy sometime in our garden.  And yes... after much debate about inner thigh jiggles, cellulite and cankles I eventually opted to wear shorts - very risque.    

This pic makes our postage-stamp garden look much more impressive than it really is!

In the afternoon, we headed to Frome to celebrate our friend Rowan's birthday with a BBQ in the sun.

Her house was amazing... my 'what I would like to aspire to one day' house

The party was excellent and involved lots of beer drinking... obviously with some exercise involved in peeling oneself off the sun-lounger and shuffling to the fridge for a top-up.  We met a bunch of cool people and ate far too much delicious food.  

Hung out with friends, old and new

Arran demonstrating the precision art of the beer to mouth bicep curl... check out his form, it's very important not to over exert!!

The ritualistic dance to thank the sun gods for the brilliant weather was performed by the birthday girl :)

Arran exerted his manly prowess by taking over the grilling on the BBQ

It was at this point following a concoction of beer, sun and excess quantities of food, I decided that in order to keep up with all these young things, as an old lady I needed a power nap and lots of coffee.  Thats right, I'm not even embarrassed to admit (although maybe I should be) that in the middle of a party I snuck off for a 30 minute power nap then proceeded to drink an entire cafetiere of strong filter coffee.  (I don't actually think anyone missed me).  I had my second wind and was raring to go! 

It was decided that we would hit up the Frome night life and we headed to the one and only club at about 11pm.  Well, I don't really know what say about this place...

Scout hut or club... you decide
(By the way, I'm not actually wearing glowing devil horns, it's the lights... honest)

This 'club' was like a scout hut that your parents rented out for your 18th birthday party crossed with someones loft conversion... and it stunk.  What made it even worse was that we actually paid for the privilege of cramming into this smelly, sweaty and inexplicably sticky place along with what felt like the entire population of Frome.  It was... an experience!!! 

We hit the road on Sunday morning after loading up on hangover juice (otherwise known as Lucozade) and headed for another BBQ with Arran's family.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pics as I forgot the camera... I think the mixture of hangover and sun have finally melted the majority of my brain cells.  We had a lovely afternoon eating and lounging in the sun.

Back to reality - work and training tomorrow.  Why do weekends always go far too quickly?    

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