Friday, 15 June 2012

Run Mr Westy Run!

I am very excited... Arran has decided he wants to start running and has even entered a 10K as motivation!!

After trying for 18 months to whet his appetite for running (but failing miserably), about 6 months ago I gave up the hope that one day we could run together.  However, out of the blue last weekend he asked whether I would take him out for a run (ha, it makes him sound like a dog)!  We went out and did a walk/run and he managed 2.6 miles in just over 28 minutes, managing runs of 5 minutes with walk breaks of about 3 minutes.  I was sooo proud of him, and it was really great to run together. 

Me and Mr Westy heading out for a run

Later that day, he told me he was thinking of running a 10K race to give him motivation to keep running and that watching me in races had inspired him to try... I am quite chuffed I actually inspired someone (even if it is just the hubs) YAY! 

In my excitement, I immediately got on the net to find a suitable 10K and signed us both up for the Battle of Sedgemoor 10K in August.  I am really looking forward to running his first race along side him and finishing together – it will be a great achievement.   I then got on and organised a training schedule for him using the Couch to 5K starting from week 5 (or it might have been 6, I can’t remember) building up slowly to 5.5 miles before the race (there isn’t enough time to get up to race distance). 

I am trying very hard to contain my excitement and to throw in some non-running related conversation every now and again.

Today’s Workout
  • Swimming Lesson            01:10:00
  • Walk/Run:          2.6 miles              00:30:30              

Today’s interval session was abandoned due to the mother of all hangovers!  My sister-in-law Vicky and Graham are staying with us for the weekend and we may have over-indulged slightly last night.  The worst part is that I didn’t even drink enough to warrant a hangover on this scale, it was completely disproportionate to the amount that was consumed. 

Anyway, after I finally finished throwing up and my brain stopped trying to escape my skull I dragged myself to my swimming lesson.  We did lots of kick drills and lung-busting breath holding drills.  I worked really hard and actually felt all the better for it. 

Before dinner, I went out with Arran to complete another walk/run session.  We did 8 minutes running with 3 minutes walking and covered 2.9 miles in just over 30 minutes.  Arran has his first attempt at a continuous run on Sunday.    

I just need to convince Arran that he needs proper running trainers and a technical T-shirt or two (he reckons he will be fine in his Nike's and cotton tees).  I can foresee bleeding nips and shin splints in his future... he should have realised by now that I am always right... and what I say goes ha ha!!

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