Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Blister Misery!

Today’s Workout:
  • Easy Run:             5 miles                 55:02

My feet are falling apart!!

This mornings run was scheduled to be an easy 5 miles at 10mm pace.  I set off and found it was difficult to maintain for the first couple of miles as my legs felt quite tired and my heart rate was ridiculously high and didn’t drop below 168bpm the whole time (even when I was running down hill). 

I had taped up a couple of hotspots I noticed on yesterdays tempo run, but after a couple of miles my feet became increasingly painful.  I slowed down even further but was completely miserable and spent some time trying to decide whether it would be more painful to carry on or chop my own feet off and drag myself home on my hands and knees.  After my somewhat overdramatic attempt at distraction techniques I stopped to walk.  I walked for 0.5 miles then decided my feet were so painful the sooner I could get home the better, so I forced myself to start running again (this turned out to be the most painful experience ever) and managed to get home doing a run/walk (or more accurately a shuffle/hobble) of 5 mins run then 5 mins walk. 

Despite the walking, I was actually only 5 mins over my planned time – not sure how that happened!
The most disappointing part of all was I was supposed to go out with Arran for another run together and I was so looking forward to it.  I didn’t want to send him out on his own, so I hopped on the bike and cycled along next to him for moral support.  It made me feel like his personal trainer!

When I got home, I peeled my shoes and socks off to assess the damage.  My feet were so sore I had to soak off the tape I had used and was horrified to find extensive blistering on and below both little toes and on the outer edge of my big toes (you will be pleased to know I decided to spare you the photographic evidence of my manky feet). 

I have only very rarely suffered with blisters in the past and was wearing the same socks and trainers as always.  The only things I can think of is that for some reason I did my trainers up slightly more loosely than usual the last couple of days and that I could really do with renewing my socks, I have had them for about 18 months (I know, I’m disgusting). 

I have been advised to try moleskin for my hotspots as it has more cushioning and I have some silicone toe caps which may work on my little toes. 

Lessons learnt:
  • Don’t carry on running and hope it will get better – stop and sort out your hotspots before they deteriorate
  • Renew your socks frequently
  • Tighten your shoes enough so that your feet don’t move and slide inside the shoe.  

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